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How to
begin caving

In Shropshire, Scouts usually begin caving at a couple of troop night activities, the first is a hut meeting where we give a talk and equipment demonstration and show a video. The second night, or weekend if you are a long way away is a trip to Llanymynech Ogof, a Roman Copper Mine.

If you are comfortable with all this, it's time to book a trip to South Wales.

Caver Activity Badge

As a Scout you'll need to complete the following to achieve the Caver badge;

1. Take part in at least four trips to at least two different cave systems. You must make each visit as a member of a properly led group.

2. Keep a record of your trips and the routes you followed.

3. Develop a good knowledge of the caving and cave conservation codes. Show your assessor that you’re aware of the environmental issues around caving.

Caving Activity Badge

As an Explorer you'll need to complete the following to achieve the Caving badge;

1. Explain how caves are formed.

2. Rig and use ladder pitch under supervision.

3. Take two additional caving trips as part of a properly authorised party. These should include supervised descent of vertical pitches.

4. Know the cave conservation code and talk about measures that can be taken to promote conservation of formations and the cave environment.

5. Study an aspect of speleology and discuss the findings. Agree your chosen subject with your leader first – it could cover subjects like the fauna and flora in caves, cave photography or bat conservation.

Caving hazards


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